Hi there, we're Alex and Tori.


Two busy moms who wanted a simple, but meaningful way to do

the Come, Follow Me curriculum with our kids.


That's how Colorly Love was born.


Each month we go through the Come, Follow Me Primary

manual as well as the Individual Family manual.

We look for a common theme or concept.


Then we create an activity and coloring page for each week.

This way, there is something for kids of all ages!


The best part? It's only $5 a month!


We also include an "about me" page of church leaders, a new

temple and a fun page every month.


All of our pages can easily be printed on-demand at home.


Don't have a printer? Don't stress! These can easily be

sent to a local print shop as well!


We're so glad you're here! Please visit check us out on Instagram

where we try and stay active and engaged with our customers.


If you need any further assistance email us at colorlylove@gmail.com